A Day to Remember

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November 20th, many of you might say it is just a regular day. Many may ask what’s so special about it.

In 1998, Gwendolyn Ann Smith, a transgender graphic designer, columnist and activist chose this date to memorialize the murder of Rita Hester in Allston, Massachusetts.

Rita was a transgender African American woman, one of many who lost their lives because of the hatred and prejudice against gender expression.

So for those who are asking, YES, this date is special…

This is a day to remember Venus Xtravaganza, Brandon Teena, Fred Martinez, Jr., Gwen Araujo and many others.

This is a day for all of us trans and non-trans to remember that in this world we are hated, discriminated against and killed because we do not fit into this society’s standards, because whenever a transwoman or a transman has to leave their homes, they are defying the physical and binary system.

This is a day to remember that for every soul taken away, a new trail was there for us to blaze, and every time a trans person is abused, kicked out of their home, harmed… they are fighting for their naturally given rights.

This is a day to remember that we need to fight, and no one will do it if we didn’t do it by ourselves, because we are neither mentally ill nor disabled. We refuse this classification and in our everyday lives, we prove our strength over and over again.

This is a day to remember that we are not invisible any more. Our voice is as powerful as our actions and every step we are taking now is opening windows of hope for those who will follow.

This is a day to keep in mind that our goals will be achieved if we make the effort, and our strength lies within us.

20/Nov/2011, from Beirut to the world and to all our fellow Transpeople,

Happy Transgender Day Of Remembrance.


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