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É o fado da saudade – Amalia Rodrigues  As an attempt to construct a coherent narrative through which to intellectualize my state of… more »

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Scarred For Life… Gladli!

My bodi is like a map. It holds mani scars. Each one stands as a monument of war. A reminder of a small… more »

Bareed 3a Mahlo

If Only You Could See Me

Why am I blocked? Out of words? Unable to describe? What is it with me that I am looking at a blank page… more »

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أصبحت الكلمات بالدَّمعِ غارقةٌ
أصبحت الأحرُف بالأسطُرِ تحفُر
قد اتقنتُ فنَّ المشاعِر

Bayneh w Baynik

On Love, Loss, Addiction and the Pursuit of Happiness

We all have something to say, but we choose to keep it to ourselves. We all have feelings to share, but we keep… more »

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

Chapter 2: The Walk

Following Chapter 1: Truvada August 2008, my legs were leading the way. My mind was absent. I shouldn’t go there. The wounds were… more »