On Love, Loss, Addiction and the Pursuit of Happiness

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We all have something to say, but we choose to keep it to ourselves. We all have feelings to share, but we keep them bottled up inside.

“Bayneh w Baynik” is a new section we’re creating in Bekhsoos to allow people to speak their mind and open their hearts anonymously with postcards, collages, photos or any other artwork of their liking.

If you’d like to feature your artwork in this section, please follow the guidelines and specifications herebelow:

Resolution: 72 dpi
Size (portrait): 600 x 800 pixels
Size (landscape): 600 x 450 pixels

Please make sure your text is big enough and legible when resized according to the aforementioned specs.

We’re looking forward to receiving all your creative submissions. Until then, we leave you with the following posts. Click on the photos to enlarge the view.


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