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ليلة اللي استرجعنا الليل

اليوم، ٨ اذار، يوم المرأة العالمي، يوم غير عن كل هل أيام. شو بفرقو عن غيرو من أيام السنة ؟

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Was Jafar Panahi Arrested For His Queer Activism?

On January the 26th, 2011, Centre Sofil screened “Offside”, the third film of the tribute to the Iranian director Jafar Panahi. The film… more »

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Notes on: Everybody’s Fine

“Everybody’s Fine” is a remake of the Giuseppe Tornatore film “Stanno Tutti Bene”. It is written and directed by Kirk Jones and stars… more »

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A Film Review: “Empty Words”

Beirut hosted yet another “European Film Festival”! The 16th edition of  the annual event ended by awarding two student short films, “Dirty Mirror”… more »