Notes on: Everybody’s Fine

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“Everybody’s Fine” is a remake of the Giuseppe Tornatore film “Stanno Tutti Bene”. It is written and directed by Kirk Jones and stars Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale.
My point is not to write a critique of the film but merely to talk about one character, that of Drew Barrymore. It is not everyday that a bisexual character appears on our national screens. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing but Drew’s relationship with Katherine Moennig’s character (Yup! Shane on the L-word) is first hinted at and then clarified through another 2 short episodes where Drew’s character is outed and finally in the end scene which shows the family gathered for a Christmas dinner. It is then that more is revealed to us and we discover that Drew’s character, Rosie, and Katherin’s character, Jilly, are a couple and raising a baby together.
Everybody’s Fine was nominated for a GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Award for “Outstanding Film – Wide Release”. Drew Barrymore will also receive the Vanguard Award at the 21st GLAAD Media Awards ceremony, in part due to her performance in the film.

Drew Barrymore has always been outspoken about gay rights. She voiced her rejection of Proposition 8 in the U.S. Prop. 8 was a ballot proposition and constitutional amendment passed in November 2008 state elections. The new section read: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. Drew was quoted saying: “I am who I am because of the people who influenced me growing up, and many of them were gay. No one has any right to tell anyone what makes a family. You choose your battles in this world. If you fight for everything, you’re just someone on a soapbox. This is something that means everything to me.” Everything’s Fine is out in Planet Theaters across Lebanon.

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