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From World Peace To Sex Please

The Bekhsoos team answered the question: What do you want for Christmas? People from Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey  contributed their hopes, dreams and… more »

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Two Dreams

The other night I had two dreams in a row, two sexual dreams that is.  In the first, I saw myself with an old… more »

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

Chapter 2: La Vérité

May 5, 2005. It’s all a blur at this point as if it had all meshed together into some strange convoluted yet somehow expressive painting. She can’t even recall where she heard the news.

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Memory from a Dream

Can one long for a fantasy? Can one crave a ghost? Can one grab on to an illusion? Won’t that hurt the most?… more »

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

“حلم ب “كافيه يونس

كافيه كوستا في الحمرا *
منى وسعاد قاعدين وعم يحكوا عن الحياة وعن الليزبينز وعن الحب.
سعاد : ليكي تعي نفوت ب”ميم”.