From World Peace To Sex Please

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The Bekhsoos team answered the question: What do you want for Christmas? People from Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey  contributed their hopes, dreams and wants as their Christmas gifts.

Sex… 3eb don’t write it, I want peace and love ~ Y.

Peace and a mac pro ~ hathor

I want you to get a grip on yourself (to SuQun) and badeh MultiStrada 1200 S ~ Alladin

I already got my wish ~ Salma

Baby badee yake itkouni hoon (to SuQun again) w baddi tikhlas 2011 bsur3a ~ Green

I want goodness ~ Tuful Daye3

A good memory  ~ Kim ^^

I guess a happy ending for the revolutions ~ Hiyam Ard

I want meem’s coordinator ~ Qidette

I want a great party for tomorrow and on New Year ~ Karazeh

World peace ~ I don’t like christmas

a kindle ~ Sami

“ All I want for Christmas is you”  and peace on earth and triple cheese pizza with 3ajeen extra m7amas and the kick ass movement y2ish el parliament killo~ Shant

Bidi SuQun ~ t7t amrek

New tires for my road bike, which can’t come to Beirut anyway~ Tina

I want a piercing for my dog, and a one way ticket out of here. – Phoenix

Peace of the mind and self confidence ~SuQun

A lap dance ~ wetwhuts

world peace ~ Red

Bidi a7ki la Mohammed inni ba7ibo ~ Omay


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