Memory from a Dream

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Can one long for a fantasy?

Can one crave a ghost?

Can one grab on to an illusion?

Won’t that hurt the most?

I saw my mystery woman in my dreams yesterday… I seemed to know her; I seemed to know her quite well; yet I never saw her face… she didn’t have one. Yet the memory remains vivid, a memory from a dream… We were locked in an embrace, I couldn’t tell where my body ended and hers started, we were one big ball of flesh… I remember her ear; I remember nibbling on it, exploring that one outer crease… I remember how I relished it, it was a part of her which nobody else got to feel; as publicly exposed as it is (after all, it is merely an ear!), yet, it couldn’t have been more private, more intimate… I paid my homage to her jaw line as I continued my descent to her throat… that throat of marble… warm marble… hot marble. I knew I belonged there, at the crook of that neck; this is where I wanted to laugh, this is where I wanted to cry; this is where I wanted to live; this is where I want to die…

And then I remember cradling her, her body nestled in mine, her cheek against my heart… I held her close; I rocked her, paying no heed to time…

And then I woke up… I looked around me; my bed was empty… it had been a dream… I wrapped my own arms tightly around my shoulders; I hugged myself; I clenched my teeth; that was all I could do… I didn’t wipe that lone tear trickling down my face; no one could see it anyway. And then I summoned the bittersweet memory of my mystery woman…

Am I that lonely?

Am I that desperate?

Will these pangs strike yet so strongly?

Around me people, yet still as desolate?

- contributed by Emcee

Emcee has always been on a journey of self-exploration, self-discovery, and wonder. Continuously keen on seeing the same landscapes with new eyes, she has repeatedly lost herself in arguments and counterarguments before finally finding contentment in relativity. Emcee has always been a not-so-little miss goodie-two-shoes, but has finally gone astray, joined Meem, and made a pact with Bekhsoos. The floodgates are now open…

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