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What Happens in Italy, Stays With Me Forever!

A few years back I had the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting conference/workshop/gathering I’ve ever attended in Rome, Italy called… more »

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بدي كون تونس، بدي كون مصر

فيني قول انو ما عندي وقت، وفيني قول اني كتير مشغولة، وفيني قول كتير اشيا، وهني فعلا أسباب صحيحة. وفيني غيب كتير، وما… more »

Opinion Pieces

Underneath: The Revolution of Love

I pray for a revolution every day. Actually, I pray for many revolutions. This word alone brings hope. It brings people together, makes them brave, and turns them into great leaders.

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My Kind Of Revolution

Having been born and raised amid continuous wars, trying to have a normal childhood in bunks or while my parents kept moving us… more »

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Revolutio – Revolutionis: Into The Cycle

The etymology of the word revolution comes from the Latin word revolutio – revolutionis, which means to come back to the starting point,… more »

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Biography of a Feminist: Margaret Mead

Ever since I was kid, the concept of femininity and masculinity intrigued me. I was always called a tomboy although my way of… more »