What Happens in Italy, Stays With Me Forever!

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A few years back I had the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting conference/workshop/gathering I’ve ever attended in Rome, Italy called the “5GL” where lesbians from all around Italy gather for a whole week in one place called “Casa Internazionale Delle Donne” which means “The International House of Women.”

As I first arrived, I discover that there was an average of 750 lesbians there, all gathered around chatting, greeting, hugging, laughing, eating, and some even playing with their kids in the garden!! I was so overwhelmed with everything going around me that it took me a couple of hours to adjust to my surrounding.

Before that trip I didn’t really believe in long term relationships. I thought such things don’t exist except in movies. I mean can you blame me? Living in this community and unfortunately witnessing lesbians change girlfriends more often than they change their bed sheets didn’t give me hope for a healthy long term relationship.

Until I met two an amazing couple called Caterina and Josephine. 

This couple is so loving, successful, caring, and the best part is that they’ve been together since college and they are in their early forties now! 

You would think that after all these years their relationship would be boring, however I’ve never seen two people that much in love and who have so such respect to one another like these two do. Because of them I now believe that healthy and happy long term relationships exist and are possible.

Moreover before the “5GL”, I couldn’t really comprehend the fact that I will get old someday and that there will be some changes that I will undergo. Thinking of me getting old was a terrifying experience and I just couldn’t imagine it! I just thought that Lesbians never get old! (Wouldn’t that be awesome?!)

Another life altering experience was when I met Gabriella who is a dear friend now. She’s in her late fifties; she’s one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. She used to work at IBM London, which I admired, being a programmer myself. The first time we met we were in the garden sitting underneath a big tree and we just started talking about the different theories in life. She taught me lessons about life, some of which I did not understand until later,  and I am thankfull for that. 

Gabriella taught me so much, and because of her I now can see myself being fifty.

“Age doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese!”

These three people literally changed my life forever. I wish them all the luck in the world and all the health and happiness. Because people like them give us hope that there is tomorrow and that tomorrow can be better than yesterday.

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