Underneath: The Revolution of Love

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I pray for a revolution every day. Actually, I pray for many revolutions. This word alone brings hope. It brings people together, makes them brave, and turns them into great leaders. The greatest leaders of all time were born out of revolutions that are almost always led by a very small group of people. It all starts with a bunch of enthusiastic people who dream of changing the world. They start spreading their thoughts, and the wave gets bigger and bigger until it crashes and creates a radical change in society. We’ve seen many revolutions in our time that we couldn’t really understand. Haven’t you heard people wondering about how the revolution in Egypt had risen? How these millions of people suddenly couldn’t take it? Nothing was sudden; it was years in the making.

Well, personally, I found the community of people who share with me the love of revolution. We prepare for it, day-by-day, step-by-step.  We strategize, debate, plan, and think together. But I do not want to talk about these revolutions we talk about almost every day. I would like to talk about a different kind of revolution, my very own revolution: The revolution of Love.

I believe nothing can change in the world around us if we are not ready to change ourselves. Change starts from within. We are always hoping for the world around us to change, that we never stop and think that this world is not but a reflection of the way we live our lives every day and the choices we make.

We see our revolutions as a change in the outside world. We learn to complain, and we’re always demanding for changes from the government, society, or someone in power. We don’t realize that in order to change all this, we should accept to unlearn, learn, and admit that we are part of the problem. Why is there that much violence in the world? How come certain people want to control others? Where does discrimination come from? Why do people hold grudges against each other?

For me, all these revolutions that I fight for every day come second to the biggest revolution of my life: A revolution in which I have to change myself in order to change the world. And I believe until my partners in the revolution start sharing with me this revolution of love, everything else will be very hard to achieve. We have to learn how to fight and eradicate dictatorship, wars and all forms of violence from our dialogues and relationships first, and then hope for that change in the world. In our fight for a better world, the ultimate key of the cause is our underneath.

“Look at us break our bonds in this kitchen, look at us rallying all our defenses, look at us waging war in our bedroom, look at us jumping ship in our dialogues. Look at us our form our cliques in our sandbox, look at us micro kids with both our hearts blocked, look at dictatorship on my own block. There is no difference in what we’re doing in here that doesn’t show up as bigger symptoms out there, so why spend all our time in dressing our bandages when we have the ultimate key to the cause right here, our underneath”

Alanis Morissette “Our Underneath”


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