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I have a different perspective on homophobia. It is related to hypocrisy as well. I see it in guys: they hate fags but they get a hard on for dykes… We are used to this one. We heard it many times.

What ticks me off is the girls. They act all innocent with their: “I don’t care, I’m really cool, as long as I mind my own business and lesbians mind theirs.” Lies and slanders! What these girls actually do when they are in their little lesbian-free zone is spend a good amount of time being and doing the opposite of what they say: not cool and not minding their own business. Instead, they gather in groups to talk about how scared they are of being around me.

EXCUSE YOU?! Who the hell do you think you are being afraid of being around me? I mean seriously? These girls are nothing I would be interested in: shallow, low IQ, no ambitions, no dreams, and nothing interesting about them whatsoever, unless you count cleavage as interesting, because I don’t! They walk around with attitude, and you WISH it were the attractive one! I am talking about the look-at-me-I’m-pretty-I-wear-pink attitude. (Respect to the other girls who wear pink. I know you suffer because of the ones I am talking about.)

I am a flirtatious person. However, when I flirt, it does not mean that I am actually hitting on that person. When I flirt, I do it with cool people who a) know it is only innocent and just for fun; and b) enjoy the game and flirt back. It is not like we are sleeping together. We are only tossing sexy words at each other, so what’s wrong about that?

It is a disaster when I mistake an idiot for a cool person. Oh, dear God, what have I done!? Guys think they have changed my sexual orientation (What the hell?!) and girls spread rumors that I like them. (What the “double” hell?!) That is basically my fault. I have to discover people before I make the mistake of thinking they are cool. But I love flirting, so you see my dilemma? Homophobes again!

Even if no one will recognize me, I’d like to wrap this up by giving a few pointers. Quit your homophobia because I am only interested in:

  • Independent (in a lot of ways)
  • Ambitious (No, waiting for a husband to take care of you is not ambition!)
  • Smart
  • Good sense of humour…

Yeah, I’m picky and my list goes on… So, again, women and men of this country, your homophobia is not sexy and is in no way attractive.

Men of this country, I will never be attracted to you so stop trying.

Women, I have already told you what I like so if you do not match that list, get off my back.

Quit jerking off and realize that just because I am gay, does not mean I am interested in every woman. Honestly, almost all women in this godforsaken country are: NOT interesting; and just because I flirt with you, it does not mean I want to get in your pants. Seriously, you will have to earn my wanting to be in your pants!

You stupid drama kings and queens! Die, homophobia, die!

- Contributed by Lemon

Guest Contributor

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