Boys Look Better In Pink.

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People who wear glasses are nerds, all blonds are dumb, redheads are wild in bed, girls love pink and guys only care about sex.

Right? Wrong.

I’m a guy and I love pink.


I think about sex, I do have sex and enjoy it very much, but I don’t crave it like a maniac.

I’m a guy with feelings. I’m a guy who cannot have a one night stand to satisfy his sexual needs. I can’t have sex just for the sake of having sex; I won’t. I’m the guy who looks at a girl and would love nothing other than just to have her get lost in his eyes and have her do the same for him. And no, that’s NOT gay! I’m not gay; gay is an understatement.

But really, what’s the connection between gender identity and sexual orientation? Whenever I think about it, I come to the conclusion that it’s only about terms and labels. I like girls and that doesn’t make me think of myself as more of a man and less of a girl; I never felt like a girl. And what if I felt attracted to guys? Even worse (in some people’s opinion it is worse), what if I felt attracted to a transguy or a transwoman? Umm, I think it would make me someone who overcomes the barriers of gender and who doesn’t need to question his self-image every time there’s an unexpected attraction.

Because, if you think about it, what makes a man? And, what makes a woman?

A woman isn’t the continuation of the man, and the man isn’t the better “breed.” A woman isn’t defined by her household chores; she’s not the slave, she’s not the beauty pageant winner, she’s not the trophy wife some men like to show off to their friends. Those might be men by the rules of society, but in my book, a bulge in the pants isn’t a crucial ingredient of manhood.

And plus, boys look better in pink.



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