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What My Horoscope Says About Me

I’m a Pisces, a free spirit with a dual nature. On one side, I’m romantic, wistful, imaginative, sensitive, sexually fulfilled, perceptive, creative and… more »

Personal Stories

To Femininity

I remember when I was a kid, how I would get up very early each morning and make sure that everyone else is… more »

Trans Column

And It Got Serious When…

And it got serious when… Two years ago around this time is when I came out to my parents, after years of subtle… more »

Trans Column

From Amsterdam To Reality

The Legal and the Medical; to some, these are two different domains, but to a transperson in Lebanon, these are twins that always go together.
As some may know, in the ICD

Trans Column

Boys Look Better In Pink.

People who wear glasses are nerds, all blonds are dumb, redheads are wild in bed, girls love pink and guys only care about… more »

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يوميات شاب ترانس في الأمن العام

كلنا عنا تجارب ومغامرات مع الدوائر الرسمية، وكلنا مرقنا بتجربة إنهاء معاملة باسبور أو إمضاء ورقة كاتب عدل أو مالية أو ضمان. أكيد… more »

Featured Articles

ليش تركتوه يلعب بال “باربي”؟

بحضر أوقات فيديوهات عيد ميلادي أنا وزغيرة: دايما بكون لابسة طرحة بيضا وعم برقص مثل العروس. كان دايما حلمي كون عروس حلوة لابسة… more »

Bareed 3a Mahlo

Just because I’m seen as a girl and I like girls, doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian

When I was a child I used to do what made me feel good and comfortable, from playing games I enjoyed to behaving… more »