Balkan Erotic Epic

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Male and female organs as a tool against sickness and evil forces of nature

A Balkan woman who wanted to secure her husband’s love would put a fish in her vagina and leave it overnight. In the morning, when the fish would be dead, she would take it out and crush into a powder that she would mix into her husband or lover’s coffee. It was believed that after this, her husband would never leave her.

A man would masturbate into the earth to bless his crops and make them grow.

On a battlefield, a Balkan woman would undress and make obscene movements to distract the enemy.
To bless her child and protect him from the evil eye, a Balkan woman would lift her skirt, rub her vagina then gently rub her child’s face with the same hand before he goes out.

Reenacting myth

The ‘grandmother of performance art’ Marina Abramovic recounts Balkan pagan traditions through animation and video footage that portray local men and women reenacting myth in traditional clothes.

It is an exploration of human eroticism used to attain equality with the gods. Erotic energy was believed to come from higher forces and through eroticism humans could get in touch with eternal cosmic forces. Abramovic conducted extensive research on Slavic culture since the Middle Ages consulting ancient manuscripts and analyzing traditional rituals.

Abramovic was born in 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Her career began in the 1970s, she was then no doubt a pioneer among her contemporaries as she is now.

You can watch the video here

- Contributed by Raskolnikov.

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