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Haunted by a Smile

“Do you need me to help you take that picture?” she asked. Who was she? I have no idea, but her smile was… more »

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أهلك بيعرفوا عنك؟

أهلك بيعرفوا عنك؟ كل مرة حدا بيسألني أهلك بيعرفو عنك؟ الجواب بكون لأ! مع إنو شوي كتير شكلي بدل إنو أنا لزبيان. صراحة… more »


Monogamy vs. Polyamory

Though a lesser evil than marriage, monogamy, being the widely accepted form of relationships, should be outlawed. I see it as a form… more »


What Excuse Did You Use To Get Out Of A Marriage Proposal?

We’ve all been there: The Marriage Proposal! How do you get out of it when your mum/aunt/granny/neighbour come to you with a *gasp* 3ARISS????


BDSM: a ‘Sick’ Practice for ‘Sick’ People

I must have been fourteen when, wandering in a bookstore, I came across an arty collection of BDSM and fetish photographs. A strange… more »

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Balkan Erotic Epic

Male and female organs as a tool against sickness and evil forces of nature A Balkan woman who wanted to secure her husband’s… more »


L’art de la métamorphose chez la femme mariée!

J’ai été à l’université et j’ai fait mes études. La plus grande gaffe de ma vie est que je n’ai pas su bien… more »

Bareed 3a Mahlo

The Belly of the Beast: A Lesbian in a Heterosexual World

Nicky was the prison inmate – a beautiful, intelligent, and confidently gay woman who had been locked up for defending her girlfriend from… more »