Dear Santa,

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Dear santa,

I’ve been good this year, so please please please spread some
awareness in my city, so I can manage to make friends here. And bring
me a huge load of chocolate as well, preferably from switzerland..
oh, and one more thing, please bring some christmas spirit and spread it
all over, I want to see some smiling faces for once.

See u soon santa,


Dear Santa,

Bekhsoos el Holiday 3aj2a?

For the next few days, i’d like a ride on your sleigh (no pun intended whatsoever), it would simply get me to work faster.

Also am emailing you my shopping list, you’d do me a great favor by helping me avoid malls, well by helping me avoid frantic shoppers all together.

I heard you needed help in setting your GPS, I know a few geek techies at meem who would be more than glad to help, drop me a whatsapp message and we will figure time and date.

I also want you to teach me your voyeuristic technics, I heard you’re excellent at that and you can know year long who’s been naughty and nice. It can really come in handy.

Fa hek ya Santa, let’s grab some Brandy some time, I’d like to catch up on the missus and you and all the kinky details.

Love, Shant


Dear Santa,
I want to run away. I was a bit naughty this year (in a good way), and I would love a new identity in a far, far away land (farthest as possible from the Middle East and Africa).


Dear Santa,
I’ve been wishing to win the lottery for the past ten years. Hal’add badda el 5 mleyin $? Walaw?
Father Christmas my ass!


Dear Santa,

I want peace of mind.


Sick Of It


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a little help from you to help me make things work out with the person I think I’ve fallen for.

Much love,


P.S: can I keep one of your elves? I’ll feed them I swear.
P.P.S: have you lost some weight? ;)


Dear Santa Clause,

Shou 3amle Mrs. Clause el layle?;)



عزيزي سانتا،

أنا بعلاقة جدية مع حدا بحبا بس صراحة ما عم بقدر ضب عيوني.

بليز عالعيد بتمنى تجبلي المكنة اللي بتخلي الشخص ينسى اللي شافو متل ب Men In Black

حتى إذا صار شي مع حدا شي نهار (بالغلط)، لا مين شاف ولا مين دري.

شكراً جزيلاً،



بابا نويل

أنا ما عم بكتب تا اطلب شي بس عم بكتب لقلك مرسي.

مرسي عا ماما نويل. وهي بتقلك كل شي بيناتكن انتهى.

خطافة النسوان


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