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The End

“I lost all the control…You’re not looking at me anymore The excitement is gone… silly secrets of life No more dreams… not one… more »

The Revolving Door

“بايسكشوال دراما”

بالوحي من مقالات “ليزبيان دراما” (1-2-3) بقلم حبّي الأوحد غير المشروط، “عشتار“، بحب قدملكن أفكاري بحسب تجربتي عن ال”بايسكشوال دراما”. بإحدى الجلسات مع… more »

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Bebe ، هيك كان اسمك على التلفون… كنت البيبي تبعي، اليوم بطّلت إلي، بقدرش أسميك البيبي تبعها أو تبعه، فسميتك Tamir. إنت شاب… more »

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Fehesh. Araf. Jaye.

Lying next to Teta in her bed on a beautiful summer day, I don’t know if it was the heat or the hormones… more »

Readers' Corner

What Happens in Italy, Stays With Me Forever!

A few years back I had the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting conference/workshop/gathering I’ve ever attended in Rome, Italy called… more »

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Little Moments

Foolish courage came. I just didn’t care, I entered my bubble and dragged it with me no matter where. I shielded myself and… more »

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She tells me that I am not alone,

I fight the thoughts in my head and the coming questions as they grow.

I hear the echo in her voice when it leaves her lips and hits my ear

The Revolving Door

An Undetermined Leave of Absence

I trip as I walk down the castle. Bewilderment has overcome me since I was crowned the sole heiress to the house. My… more »