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Foolish courage came. I just didn’t care, I entered my bubble and dragged it with me no matter where. I shielded myself and… more »

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Queered: What’s To Be Done with Xcentric Art

Description: A catalogue of art works and texts that have shaped the Queering Yerevan movement. It includes documentation from various exhibitions and art happenings, photography, critical texts, excerpts from experimental writing, fragments from the QY blog, and email correspondence from 2007-2011.

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أمّ: ما سألت ليش بنتي هيك…تقبّلتها

أنا عرفت قبل ما هيّ تقلّي
بطريق الصدفة وقعوا أوراق بغرفتها
وكانت مخبيتهن هيّ برا، لأن ما بفتح علب
وقعوا أوراق عالأرض. أنا وعم لمُّن قرأت
وقرأت كيف تعذبت بنتي
وفيني قلك إنو هونيك بكيت. بكيت من قلبي مش لأنو بنتي غاي*، بقولها بكل صراحة
بس بكيت لأنو بنتي تعذبت وأنا ما معي خبر

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هزّي يا نواعم – فيديو

This video utilizes sexploitation’s aesthetics to subvert the use of the female body in moofies and fideos. Dedicated to the customers who attended… more »

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I come home and see my mother lying down. She had fallen asleep on the couch. You sit there with your eyes fixed on the television


Bareed Mista3jil in Milan

On the 23rd of November, 2010, a Bareed Mista3jil presentation was held in Milan, Italy. Two of our members, Athena and Stormie, were invited by the two local lesbian groups to speak about the book and its launch and to present Meem to a Milan audience.

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Boy George-o-meter For Your Own Gay Assessment Purposes

Ah! The joys of reading articles in western newspapers, written by “Arab” journalists who assess our situation with their “find the homo” glasses.… more »

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Nasawiya: Celebrating A New Feminist Space in Beirut!

On Friday, August 20, 2010, an overjoyed crowd of feminists gathered at Nasawiya’s new space in Beirut to celebrate its much-anticipated inauguration. During… more »