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Wounded Rhymes – Hometown Glory (Part 2)

“They are growing weaker by the day,” Alex thought. He did not know if this was merely solace on his behalf, a figment of his ever-growing imagination, or soon to be fact.


Wounded Rhymes – Hometown Glory (Part 1)

Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the boy who came to stay…

Alex lay sprawled across the length of his bed at midnight; the only light penetrating the room was coming from the full moon that shone outside.

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A Boy Divided

Ï am an atlantïs flung from a pïllow planet to thïs alloy tïde the crashïng of every ïron wave agaïnst my glass shores sends… more »

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أمّ: ما سألت ليش بنتي هيك…تقبّلتها

أنا عرفت قبل ما هيّ تقلّي
بطريق الصدفة وقعوا أوراق بغرفتها
وكانت مخبيتهن هيّ برا، لأن ما بفتح علب
وقعوا أوراق عالأرض. أنا وعم لمُّن قرأت
وقرأت كيف تعذبت بنتي
وفيني قلك إنو هونيك بكيت. بكيت من قلبي مش لأنو بنتي غاي*، بقولها بكل صراحة
بس بكيت لأنو بنتي تعذبت وأنا ما معي خبر

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“انت شرموطة ومنحرفة”

نفس تحارب نفسها. نسوية-ذكورية تعشق وتكره هذه الأزدواجية التي تكاد أن تحث النفس بالإنقلاب على نفسها. كيف لأم تكاد أن تكون ذكورية عن… more »


BDSM: a ‘Sick’ Practice for ‘Sick’ People

I must have been fourteen when, wandering in a bookstore, I came across an arty collection of BDSM and fetish photographs. A strange… more »

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Discrimination Against LGBT: A Medical Legacy?

For almost two years, my obsession has been to improve lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women’s access to health services in Lebanon. Throughout… more »

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This Time Around

I want to be 4 years old all over again, knowing all that I know now. That way, I set everything right, the… more »