Le Jour De Ma Mort

Le jour de ma mort, je serai (temps futur et non conditionnel, ceci étant une histoire vraie) accueillie à bras ouverts par Dieu.

Lead Story

Let it Flow

Menstruation is generally seen as an embarrassing issue; it is not exactly the best subject to bring up in a public conversation. The subject, if treated, is addressed in a technical way explaining to the girl who faces it for the first time only the physiological aspects of the changes in her body. Menstruation becomes therefore the inconvenient part of being a woman, and the price to be paid for the ability to give birth.

In our society, menstruation is treated as a medical issue and its unpleasant “symptoms” are “cured.” We have been convinced that everything we experience through our biology as women (menstruation, pregnancy and menopause) needs to be medically managed via hormones, surgery and drugs. […]