Social Policies, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association is Founded In Turkey

SPoD is a national non-governmental LGBT organization in Turkey. Founded in 2011 by LGBT activists, SPoD works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people at the national level.

CSBR Statement on United Nations Report

CSBR Statement on United Nations Report on Discriminatory Laws and Practices and Acts of Violence Against Individuals Based on their Sexual Orientation and… more »

Queered: What’s To Be Done with Xcentric Art

Description: A catalogue of art works and texts that have shaped the Queering Yerevan movement. It includes documentation from various exhibitions and art happenings, photography, critical texts, excerpts from experimental writing, fragments from the QY blog, and email correspondence from 2007-2011.

Cult Movie ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ Launches Crowdfunding For Web Series.

 Ground-breaking lesbian love story aims to push boundaries of web format 11th NOVEMBER 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Romantic comedy ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ has attracted… more »

Blog Round Up 2

So after the first round – up, are you ready for the second round? Here are some of the most interesting blogposts from… more »

من حول العالم

صربيا تأمر بإلغاء مهرجان لزفاف مثليين جنسياً  أمرت السلطات “الصربيّة” إلغاء مهرجان لزفاف مثليين جنسياً، كان من المقرر إقامته في العاصمة “بلغراد” في… more »

Lancement Du Réseau Maghrébin: Khomsa

Le lancement du site du Réseau Maghrébin des libertés et de la différence se fera bientôt.

Ra Ra Ra-a-a-iight on Lady Gaga!

Her elegance Lady Gaga released a new single entitled “Born this way”. As she considers her gay fans the basis of her success, Lady… more »