Bareed 3a Mahlo

Just because I’m seen as a girl and I like girls, doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian

When I was a child I used to do what made me feel good and comfortable, from playing games I enjoyed to behaving… more »

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The Bars in a No-Holds-Barred Life

I didn’t know why I was feeling so overwhelmed.
I didn’t know why I had a growing lump lodged in my throat.
I didn’t know why I was feeling so ill-at-ease with myself.
I didn’t know why I broke down in tears the moment I went into my gynecologist’s clinic for a much-delayed check-up.
I didn’t know why I didn’t want him to examine me, even though he’d examined me many times before.
I didn’t know why I felt a silent revolution burning inside me.

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Beyond 534: A Gendered Perspective to LGBTQ Activism in Lebanon

Lebanon-based LGBTQ organization Helem hosted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 a talk on sex and the law in Lebanon, by PhD candidate at… more »

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A Life of Comings In and Out

Since I came into my queerness about three years ago, I’ve come out to only six people: my two siblings and four of… more »

Arab LGBT News

وقفة بنات: صرخة “أصوات” الثالثة

أصدرت مجموعة “أصوات” – نساء فلسطينيات مثليات كتابا جديدا بعنوان “وقفة بنات“، هو الكتاب الثالث الذي تنشره المجموعة منذ تأسيسها. وعلى غرار كتاب… more »

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Gray Matters

When I looked at myself in the mirror that Saturday morning, all I saw was one big mess. Tired was written all over… more »

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Celebrating International Women’s Day, Nasawiya Style

This year too, our friends at the Beirut-based Arab feminist collective Nasawiya have decided to take their International Women’s Day (IWD) actions to… more »

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Helem Launches Report on Institutional Discrimination against LGBT People In Lebanon

Lebanon-based LGBT organization Helem launched on Monday, February 8, 2010 in Beirut a report on institutional discrimination against LGBTs in Lebanon, consisting of two studies. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the report concluded a series of thematic researches that address the effect of Article 534 on the political, civil, economical, social, and cultural rights of people of non-conforming gender identities and sexual orientations.