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International Women’s Day In Lebanon

Nasawiya launches its campaign for International Women’s Day 2011 Happy International Women’s Day! We will post all IWD events in Lebanon on this… more »

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Le Prêt-à-Porter et Prêt-à-Juger

Voilà: je ne me maquille pas! Un jour où j’avais mis fièrement une fine couche de fond de teint, une touche de mascara et un soupçon de rouge à lèvres, mon oncle me demanda, le plus sérieusement au monde : pourquoi tu ne te maquilles jamais?


Mug Turned Into Paper

It all happened when they went hunting.

It was a mission, something they had to do. Of course, we were on the balcony.

The balcony, the faces and all the expressions looked very different while collecting the birds

Bareed 3a Mahlo

Amto, I know!

It was yet to be one of the worst nights of my life, skyping with my aunt in Canada regarding my uncle’s death;… more »

Arabic عربي


من نبضٍ يهتِفُ لنبضِكِ
قد بُتِّ أنتِ أميرتي
قد بُتِّ أنتِ مملكتي
أعرفُ أنّي خسِرتُكِ
خسِرتُكِ كحبيتي


You Are My TV Show

You are my TV show. You are that first kiss I have seen. I will never forget that first kiss. I will never… more »

Bayneh w Baynik

Bayne W Baynik: Talking and Walking

Inspired by the popular site Post Secret, we created the “Bayneh w Baynik” section in Bekhsoos to allow people to speak their mind

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بتذكر طفولتي كل ما شوفا عم تلعب فوتبول، في فرد على خصرها، بس تضيع يعني عم تلعب مع الصبيان، هالبنت هي الثورة يلي كنت أنا عم عيشها أنا وصغيرة وهلأ عم تتكرر