Top 5 Worst TV Shows on Homosexuality

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During the last few years, many TV shows on Lebanese channels talked about homosexuality and the gay community in Lebanon. Some were positive and some were disastrous. The following is list of our worst 5 shows:

5- عندما يفتح الملف / Indama Youfta7 Al Malaff (Al Jaras Tv, July 2007): Although there are a lot of question (and exclamation!) marks on Al Jaras TV “ideology,” Joe Maalouf was able to maintain an objective stand and gave his main interviewee, Antoinella, a transsexual woman, a positive free space to express herself, her emotions, and thoughts.

4- سيرة وانفتحت / Sireh W Nfatahet (Future Tv , 5/June/ 2009) : Zaven Qioumidjian tried to maintain objectivity, but did not get any help from one of the guests, Dr. Sleiman Al Jari (Professor and gynecologist) who assumed that homosexuality should be “treated” at early age before it becomes “hard to abolish” from one’s system.

3- Tele Clinic (Tele Liban, 4/3/2009): Mohammad AL Sahili (anchor) was forced to resign from this program after the Tele Liban administration decided to cut the show off for “technical errors” upon bringing up the topic of the Lebanese movie “H.E.L.P”, that talks about gays in Lebanon. Salutations to Al Sahili!

Shortly after the homophobic episode of Ahmar Bil Khatt Al Aareed, versions of Malek Maktabi’s photo with “Hmar” (Donkey) plastered on it appeared on hundreds of Facebook profiles and websites

2- ضد التيار / Dodd Al Tayyar (Rotana, 16/July/2008) : Wafaa Al Kilani earned number two with her unmistaken mix of gender roles where she linked femininity with appearance putting every lesbian in the country in a stereotypical box , plus her poor research and cliché questions. Moreover we can’t deny that 2 of the guests (Abdo Kaii and Mona Sharbati) presented positive, scientific, and objective views on homosexuality.

1- أحمر بالخط العريض / Ahmar bl Khatt l Aareed (LBC, 28/1/2009): Malek Maktabi would definitely earn number one on the “top  worst media appearances”, with his poor research, cliché judgmental homophobic  questions, and lack of objectivity.

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