Initial Thoughts

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fuck-this-shitFuck this shit. Fuck homophobes and their fucked up insecurities. Fuck coming out. Fuck “I don’t know how to tell you this” and sleepless nights trying to get the balls to say two fucking words. Fuck having to feel guilt for years about who’s in your bed, backseat of your car, nightclub toilet stall, or parent’s chalet. Fuck friends who use you as their token gay friends, and bullshit sentences like “My really good friend is gay!” Fuck you, your homophobia, and your really good friend. Fuck Facebook statuses that flaunt your sexuality. Actually, fuck Facebook altogether. Fuck fag hags. Get yourself a boyfriend already. Fuck LGBTIQ groups that don’t even know what the fuck these letters stand for. Fuck “we’re the first gay group in the Middle East” bullshit. Fuck HIV, AIDS, infectious diseases and all the damn viruses that associate being gay with the death penalty. Fuck Acid, Milk, Bardo, Wolf, Life Bar, and all those fucking gay ghettoes. You’re pushing us deeper in the closet. Fuck gay friendly places. Gay friendly my ass. If you have to label it that, you’re getting in the way of a gay friendly planet with your ghettoes and isolation bullshit. Fuck Article 534, the police and their violating batons and late night rapes. Fuck gay activists in Lebanon. What the fuck have we done in the past 10 years? Fuck spending our money on your stupid activities that reach out to 16 people from your yellow house. Get in touch with the real world you incestuous idiots. Fuck parents who are so stuck in their fucked up mindset that they throw out their own fucking flesh and blood. Fuck parents who send their kids to therapy for being gay. Fuck the therapists who think they can change us. Fuck the bullies in school who beat us up just after having jerked us off under the desk. Fuck the priests and sheikhs who spread their hate hidden behind their own fucked-up interpretation of some book. Fuck the politicians who are too scared to voice their thoughts on homosexuality, but who have no problems getting sucked off by us. Fuck brothers and sisters who blackmail their gay brothers and sisters to get whatever the fuck they want. Fuck Lebanese movies with ridiculously gay subplots. We’re not a fucking fad that you can use to make you seem progressive. And while you’re at it, fuck cheap knock offs of the “Fuck You” scene of 25th Hour. Fuck newspapers and magazines that feature gay stories to make more money. We’re not your fucking cash cows. Fuck TV shows with sensationalist closet case hosts that would do anything for fucking ratings. Fuck the closet. It is lonely, dark, and fucking hot. Get the fuck out of there. Fuck misogynistic fags. Fuck men hating dykes. Fuck trying to blame our homosexuality on our parents, our education, the war, the West, Israel, our looks, our need for attention, our popularity, our fucking issues. We’re gay. Learn to fucking deal with it. Fuck you for being shocked while reading this. It’s the fucking truth. It’s about time someone said it. Get over your self-conscious conservative hypocrisy and join the real fucking world!

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