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Why Wasn’t I An Emergency Case?

When teta passed away in February, my father and I hadn’t spoken to each other for over two years. My relationship with him… more »


Is Egypt ready for “Queer”?

After a month of being back in Cairo, the city was starting to get to me. My girlfriend and I decided to go… more »

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A Beautiful Encounter

Yesterday, I was at the airport looking at the arrival screen; my friend’s plane had just landed and he was about to come… more »

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توب 7 محطات للزيارة في “جنة الحريات المثلية”: بيروت

بعد الزلغوطة اللبنانية ع الأصول، وصحن التبولة والحمص والفول، اخترنا للسواح الكرام أبرز 7 محطات لازم يزوروها بجنّة الحريات المثلية، ست الدنيا…بيروت…تا يفهموا ليش نلنا عن جدارة لقب “قبلة المثليين الأولى في الشرق الأوسط”، ومن قبلها لقب “باريس الشرق الأوسط”. وهلق في تنبؤات انو راح ننال لقب “أمستردام المجرة الشمسية” في غضون أشهر

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To Tell Or Not To Tell?

Bareed Mista3jil told the stories of our lives in 41 segments,  and now “Bareed 3a Mahlo” in Bekhsoos speaks of the untold stories.… more »

The Revolving Door

Building Emotional Pillars

We as humans are weak by default, both physicalli and emotionalli. For example, a Lebanese claustrophobic would avoid taking the elevator for fear… more »