With All Due Respect

My parents taught me how to introduce myself to people. Easy enough the formula was: Greetings, my name is… Later on in school,… more »

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How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook

This is our third article on online security tips for queers. Here is the first and second. For some, it might be helpful… more »

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Turn Off “Instant Personalization” on Facebook

A few weeks ago, we kicked off a new Bekhsoos series about online security and queerness with “Your Mom Has Added You on… more »

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Your Mom Has Added You on Facebook

There’s a new generation taking over Facebook and it starts with the letters: mom. Up until last August, my mother, an elementary teacher… more »

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Meem EroTICs at the Internet Governance Forum

Last week, I went to Vilnius, Lithuania to represent the Lebanon team of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)’s Exploratory Research Project into… more »


Queers and their Online Spaces: a Research Project

For the past year, a team of researchers have been looking at the relationship between the internet and the queer rights movement in… more »