J’ai Envie.

On se voit au gym. Je ne t’ai parlé qu’une fois, et je mourais d’envie de t’embrasser alors. Je me suis contentée juste… more »

Personal Stories

Mama, A Painful Memory.

Memories. Painful memories. The world just can’t get enough of them; I can’t get enough of them. I lost my mother 9 years… more »

Personal Stories

I Hate New Year’s Eve… And Skirts

The year is drawing to an end, with its good and bad; with the ups and downs, the hook-ups and the break-ups and the happily-ever-afters

Arabic عربي

بعرف شعورك، لأني تعرّضت الو

كتير سهلة  الواحد يحكي اذا ما كان أمنه الشخصي مهدد، وخاصة إذا كان بمجتمع بيعطيه الامتيازات الأمنية كلها بمجرد انو شاب. أنا مش… more »

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Memories in Meem

I can hardly believe it has almost been a year! I remember the day we first met, when I was just a little… more »

Readers' Corner

Inside Out!

Why does my mind always tell me different to what my heart feels deep inside?Have you ever been in a situation where you… more »

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Little Moments

Foolish courage came. I just didn’t care, I entered my bubble and dragged it with me no matter where. I shielded myself and… more »


To Be a Man In This Society

This is not the story of my life. It’s only a fraction of the daily struggles I have to face. I live in… more »