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Why I stopped Picking Up His Calls!

When I was attempting to apply for theater in Lebanese University, I had to write a script and perform it in front of… more »

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I Decided to Write

I am overwhelmed so I decided to write. I decided to write because I feel lucky,  because I am surrounded by exceptional folks,… more »

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غلامة بوجهيها: مدمنة ضحك ومدمنة إيديولوجيات

بتتذكروا لمّا كنا شباب وصبايا بالمدرسة/الجامعة؟ تتذكروا كيف كنّا نلبس شيك نيغليجي (كاجوال شيك يعني)، ونتلفن لرفقاتنا من التلفون تبع الـ٥٠٠؟ لما كنا… more »

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Haunted by a Smile

“Do you need me to help you take that picture?” she asked. Who was she? I have no idea, but her smile was… more »

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مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”

  مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”   طلعة النويري، فوق المحكمة الجعفرية، بوجه سوبر ماركت “مصطفى”، هونيك كانت مدرستي. بتذكر لما كنت روح… more »

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Truth Be Told…

What defines a “life-changing” event? How big is it supposed to be? How important? We all have our own way of dealing with… more »


Be Not Afraid

We learned a long time ago, us queer kids, how to live in fear. When the phone rang at home, when a friend… more »


BDSM: a ‘Sick’ Practice for ‘Sick’ People

I must have been fourteen when, wandering in a bookstore, I came across an arty collection of BDSM and fetish photographs. A strange… more »