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My Friend!

It’s funny how fast time flies. Four years have passed since the day we got drunk in Trafalgar square, you with your bottle… more »

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Palm Trees

It’s been two years since I last saw her–my high school best friend, my little secret, my desire, and recently, a fantasy. We… more »

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I Decided to Write

I am overwhelmed so I decided to write. I decided to write because I feel lucky,  because I am surrounded by exceptional folks,… more »

The Revolving Door

الأعياد بتسرق منّا أحياناً

فترة نهاية السنة بتحمل العديد من المناسبات لإلي. دايماً بشدّد بهاي الفترة على الإحتفال بعيد ميلادي لإنها فرصة لإجمع كل الأصحاب اللي بحبهن، اللي بعزّهن، يللي تعّرفت عليهن من جديد وبحبّ إنو يلعبو دور أكبر بحياتي…
شهر كانون الأول بيكون بمثابة جردة للعواطف.

Trans Column

And It Got Serious When…

And it got serious when… Two years ago around this time is when I came out to my parents, after years of subtle… more »

Readers' Corner

Inside Out!

Why does my mind always tell me different to what my heart feels deep inside?Have you ever been in a situation where you… more »


Be Not Afraid

We learned a long time ago, us queer kids, how to live in fear. When the phone rang at home, when a friend… more »

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Bi And The City III: Frexes

Assuming some of your Friday night dates have gone well, some must have lead into relationships. Assuming again that some of these relationships… more »