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Best Of Bekhsoos: “Akeed Shakibé Besh3a”

Dear Readers, As many of you have noticed and complained about, Bekhsoos has been on a break for a while now. We apologize for… more »

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One Year of Bekhsoos

I almost can’t believe it’s been a year already. Bekhsoos has become an integral part of our lives now. Where else would we publish all our queer thoughts? I will not bother you with the tour-de-force that Bekhsoos has become in our movement. I will not tell you how much I love this team, the pride I feel in every one of them, how they have transformed into powerful warriors, how kind and loving they are of each other, what an honor it is to work with them week in and week out.

Follow me through some of my personal favorites of Bekhsoos this past year…