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On this day (mother’s day)

Strings of light peak through kitchen curtains Revealing her wings, floating on thin air There she stands an angel in flesh In her… more »


J’adore mon oreiller

Non, que dis-je? J’en suis amoureuse. J’ai des difficultés à le quitter le matin, et j’ai hâte de le retrouver le soir. L’empreinte… more »

Featured Articles

Marsa: The Local Sexual Health Center

If you’re sexually active, whether married or not, homosexual or heterosexual, we are not judging! Now you have a chance to visit Marsa… more »

Featured Articles

بدي كون تونس، بدي كون مصر

فيني قول انو ما عندي وقت، وفيني قول اني كتير مشغولة، وفيني قول كتير اشيا، وهني فعلا أسباب صحيحة. وفيني غيب كتير، وما… more »

Personal Stories


I come home and see my mother lying down. She had fallen asleep on the couch. You sit there with your eyes fixed on the television


You Really Are My Ecstasy!

I just love how you’re always warm.
You’re the reason I wake up every morning!
Whether I’m at work, out with friends, in bed…

Bayneh w Baynik

Bayne W Baynik: Cooking With Guns

Inspired by the popular site Post Secret, we created the “Bayneh w Baynik” section in Bekhsoos to allow people to speak their mind and… more »

Photo of the Week

Same Sex, Same Sect

A comic about same sex and same sex!