Marsa: The Local Sexual Health Center

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If you’re sexually active, whether married or not, homosexual or heterosexual, we are not judging! Now you have a chance to visit Marsa medical center for check ups and/or to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because safety should always come first. You can also get post-screening management in case of an infection and/or psychological support. Marsa, the first clinic of its kind in the Middle East, provides you with a safe environment and complete anonymity. You would interact with open-minded, professional and experienced medical staff that will support you through your march to good sexual health.

Ladies, I can’t encourage you enough to take a step towards improving and maintaining your sexual health. Forget all the sex taboos in our culture! We are in the twenty first century, and YES it’s perfectly normal and healthy to have sex. However, it’s not normal to keep it shoved under the rug and behind closed doors because you maybe risking the infection with various STIs and ultimately risking YOUR own health. That’s not acceptable! So, do yourself a favor and check out Marsa medical center to begin your healthy sexual journey.

What Marsa provides:

  • Medical checkup
  • HIV 1/2 rapid tests
  • HBV/HCV screening
  • Post screening management of STIs
  • Psychological and social counseling
  • Referral to specialists (gynecologist, dermatologist, and infection disease specialist)
  • In addition to other tailored services to your needs.

** The medical and counseling services are offered for a symbolic price as low as 5,000 LL!!

Where is MARSA located:

Myrtom House building, Second floor

Mexico street- near Hagazian University



Contact info:

Open Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM

To contact the clinic:

Call: 01- 73 76 47

Please check out the Facebook page at:

And this is the group page


SuQun el Leil

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