“ورد الآن: صاحب قناة العربية هو “لوطي يلاط به

عاجل: ورد الى “بخصوص” خبر هام مفاده أن صاحب قناة العربية هو “لوطي يلاط به” ، والدليل أن قناته تبث أخبارا معارضة للنظام… more »


A Short Compilation: What Turns You On?

After our weekly Bekhsoos meeting, we threw a question on the table and passed it around: ”What turns you on the most?” Here’s our… more »

Lead Story

Amina: A 40-Year-Old Heterosexual White American Man

When news broke out a week ago about Amina Arraf’s arrest in Damascus, we at Bekhsoos were very keen on supporting who we thought… more »

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This Time Around

I want to be 4 years old all over again, knowing all that I know now. That way, I set everything right, the… more »

Bayneh w Baynik

Bayneh w Baynik: On Fucking Boys, Gya’s Lips, and Pubs in Hamra

Inspired by the popular site Post Secret, we created the “Bayneh w Baynik” section in Bekhsoos to allow people to speak their mind and… more »

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Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) Say NO to IGLYO in Israel

Palestinian queer activists from alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian society, Aswat — Palestinian Gay Women, and PQBDS (Palestinian Queers for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) have issued… more »

Personal Stories

سلسلة “حبر الأيام”: الليلة الأولى في الفندق… معهن

تستضيف “بخصوص” في هذا العدد الجزء السادس من سلسلة “حبر الأيام” التي تروي قصة حقيقية بقلم بطلتها شخصيا، على أن تتابع تشر الأجزاء… more »

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Call for IGLYO Member Organizations: Vote NO to IGLYO in Israel

Dear IGLYO Member Organizations and Board of Directors, During the past week, we’ve had the pleasure of publicly discussing, with activists and organizations… more »