A Short Compilation: What Turns You On?

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After our weekly Bekhsoos meeting, we threw a question on the table and passed it around: ”What turns you on the most?”

Here’s our answers!

“Shorts, straight hair, freckles, green eyes.” - Phoenix

“Dafir ejren mrattabin, without nailpolish, Emporio Armani, l 7ajem l zghir” – Ishtar

“I’m always turned on. Hands.” – Mir

“Hands, muscles, someone running, particular scents, eccentricity.” Joelle

“Clean teeth, clean ears, a girl on a bike. a girl on anything with wheels.” – Wissam

“Eza kenit ri7eta ktir taybe, dafira mrattabin with red nail polish, el banet el samra.” – Lawzy

“Glasses, lacy underwear, preferably black, tall.” – SuQun

“Accents. Strong personalities. Activist types. Creative types.” – Lynn

“Older women. Scent. Certain attitudes.” – Salma

Bodily scents, shfef moutawassiteen l 7ajem, mesh ktir kbar. 3youn, muscles.” – Semsem

Roleplays, whips, oral sex.” – Lady Gya

So, what turns you on?


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