BDSM: a ‘Sick’ Practice for ‘Sick’ People

I must have been fourteen when, wandering in a bookstore, I came across an arty collection of BDSM and fetish photographs. A strange… more »

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Inside the Sex Work Industry in Lebanon

While researching for this article, I ran into many different definitions of sex workers. I tried to put together a “neutral” definition to… more »

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La transsexualité dont l’appellation exacte est transsexualisme se trouve victime de son nom de par la présence du mot « sexe » ou « sexualité » dans… more »

The Revolving Door


I ran up the fifth floor again, breathing heavili. I was glad the coordinator forgot the keys in my car. It’s a wonder… more »

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Discrimination Against LGBT: A Medical Legacy?

For almost two years, my obsession has been to improve lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women’s access to health services in Lebanon. Throughout… more »

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This Fucking Game

This is the game we play. It starts with a subtle understanding that the game is on. It is always a game of… more »

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هزّي يا نواعم – فيديو

This video utilizes sexploitation’s aesthetics to subvert the use of the female body in moofies and fideos. Dedicated to the customers who attended… more »

Bayneh w Baynik

Bayneh W Baynik: On Sex

Inspired by the popular site Post Secret, we created the “Bayneh w Baynik” section in Bekhsoos to allow people to speak their mind and… more »