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Un Fanzine pour la Communauté Lesbienne d’Algérie

LeXo Fanzine : est pour but d’informer notre communauté lesbienne d’Algérie, aussi d’unifier cette dernière qui semble être éparpillée un peu partout, quelle… more »

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رحلة على ملعب الضحية

إستبدال “ضحية” بـ”ناجية”، إستبدال صورة “الطفل الصومالي اللي عم يموت من الجوع” بصورة “إمرأة صومالية ناجحة”. إستبدال خطاب الإستضحاء المثلي بخطاب الكرامة المثلية.… more »

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سلسلة “حبر الأيام”: في مديرية الأمن

حللت ضيفة في منزل زهير، صديق عصام، حبيب صديقتي سالومي. وقد كان زهير رجلا نادرا قابلني بمنتهى الكرم وقدم لي غرفة في منزله… more »

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Wounded Rhymes – Hometown Glory (Part 2)

“They are growing weaker by the day,” Alex thought. He did not know if this was merely solace on his behalf, a figment of his ever-growing imagination, or soon to be fact.


What Excuse Did You Use To Get Out Of A Marriage Proposal?

We’ve all been there: The Marriage Proposal! How do you get out of it when your mum/aunt/granny/neighbour come to you with a *gasp* 3ARISS????


Smart Phones

Have you ever been in a room with friends when they started talking about the latest mobile technology? Have you been hearing the terms “Android”… more »


OCTOBER 22: International Day of Action Against Trans Pathologization

On October 22nd 2011, various cities throughout the world will celebrate the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization. The main goals of… more »

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My Playlist

I decided to write this article when I was going through my playlist of music. And these songs, as one of my friends… more »