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É o fado da saudade – Amalia Rodrigues  As an attempt to construct a coherent narrative through which to intellectualize my state of… more »

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات big fat lie

Skinny Jeans

  When I saw that TV ad, telling women you should lose weight to be happier and feel better, I convinced myself that… more »

Gender & Sexuality / جندر وجنسانية cruel-intention-290x150

Cruel Intention

It was a Tuesday, and a long one at uni. I usually don’t go out on weekdays, but my friends insisted they take… more »

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Brown Girl Paranoia Syndrome (BGPS)

For immigrant daughters or anyone straddling multiple cultures and spheres at once, you know for a fact that 95% of the mates you… more »

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات i was 7 small

Why I stopped Picking Up His Calls!

When I was attempting to apply for theater in Lebanese University, I had to write a script and perform it in front of… more »

Activism / نشاط سياسي slider-Aswat

مؤتمر أصوات ناشطة: احتفال بعيد “أصوات” العاشر ويوم مكافحة رهاب المثلية

شهد مؤتمر “أصوات ناشطة”، الذي نظمته مجموعة “أصوات– نساء فلسطينيّات مثليّات”، يوم الخميس الماضي، 17.5.2012، في قاعة مسرح الميدان بمدينة حيفا، حضوراً كثيفا… more »

Activism / نشاط سياسي alQaws-600x300

Signposts from Al Qaws: A Decade of Building a Queer Palestinian Discourse

Haneen Maikey Based on Haneen Maikey’s speech at the conference organized by Aswat – May 2012, and patiently translated to English by Claudine… more »

Gender & Sexuality / جندر وجنسانية Amen-290x150


I want to fuck you religiously I want to fuck you five times a day I want to fuck you on a Sunday… more »