Dear You

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Dear you,

You need to understand that with everything that has happened, that after all the heart aches and heart breaks, you keep coming back into my head, you crawl out from that box and cast shadows as you dance so freely around in my thoughts. You stand, with your hands hidden behind your back, and that smile… that smile filled with twisted sexual mockery that always drew me closer, drew me into you. Your head always tilted to one side as you watch me in amusement, and those eyes… those unearthly crystals that left me dazzled, that threw me into a suffocating whirlpool of agony, that keep me begging for one last look. As you stand there, watching me think, watching me pace back and forth in my heart you taunt me, and when I sit down with my legs crossed in the endless depths of the dark crimson ocean of my heart you pace around me, decorating my pain with colorful threads and ribbons reminding me of you. You dance and you sing, you sing and cast a spell on me. Your perfume now fills the walls of my heart and spread… But that’s not what suffocates me.

I don’t understand you, and you don’t read me as well as you think. We once talked and what a talk it was. You leave me confused, is that how you play your games? Is that how you keep me stuck in your cobweb of words that unfold into blurred chains and bind me?

I’m not sure if I’ll ever confront you, nor am I sure if I want you to know. But I will confess that every now and then, when you come out of the shadows and spend time with me in my thoughts, I wonder if I cross your twisted thoughts too.

From a confused almost lover,

From a minor footnote on the pages of your life,

From me.


- Contributed by L.

Guest Contributor

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