Writing for Bekhsoos: Problems and Solutions

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To understand the different reasons behind the collective writer’s block that has infected the members of the Bekhsoos team, we summoned them to an emergency meeting. The “table ronde”, which consisted of a banquet of *ahem* Nachos and Wine, allowed everyone to dig through their deepest darkest thoughts to try and trace back the origins of this endemic.
Operation “empty your glasses and fill your bellies” came out victorious by pinpointing a list of problems and coming up with a list of solutions that would help terminate this phenomenon, thus preventing its spread to you, precious readers and potential contributors.

Common problems or questions asked:

  1. Is my article related to Bekhsoos?
  2. What is an acceptable topic and what is not?
  3. My ideas just burnt out. I don’t know what to write about anymore.
  4. Just exactly how personal can I get? What is TOO personal?
  5. فصحة او عامة
  6. كبت المشاعر بسبب اللغة
  7. I don’t have an adequate space\ atmosphere\environment to write.
  8. I find it difficult to develop an idea.
  9. How do I design a suitable graphic for my article?
  10.  I just don’t have time to write.
  11. What is the direction of the article? It is hard to write when I can’t determine the main idea I want to portray in the article.
  12. How to get over my writer’s block?!
  13. I got negative feedback from friends or other writers, mostly non constructive criticism, that demotivated me from writing.

Some suggested solutions:

  1. Write your article and then send it to the editors. You can ask them for feedback or help in how to proceed in case you get stuck.
  2. Editors are available for editing and for holding discussions with writers to help them improve their writing.
  3. Feedback and comments from editors help in establishing a strong relationship between writers and editors.
  4.  Try to write in different languages and about different topics. If you feel you can better express a specific idea in English, then write you article in English or Arabic or French.
  5. To develop some unclear ideas better, try to discuss them with friends, family, other writers or anyone really, this can help open your mind to other ideas and even get you to comprehend your own thoughts better.
  6. Encourage holding discussions in a friendly atmosphere and social gathering, which can trigger ideas for topics to write about.
  7. Include a photo that you think reflects your article. This will help the peeps designing the graphic reflect the message behind your article.
  8. Write the message behind your article in 2 to 3 lines before starting your article so that you know you are on a clear writing path.
  9. Make an art project to express your ideas if you feel you cannot do that with writing.
  10. Attract people to attend the bekhsoos meetings.
  11. Focus on the UNEMPLOYED and on STUDENTS who might have more time on their hands to be continuous contributors vs. full time students and people who are working right now.
  12. Add more fun content to bekhsoos.
  13. Lynn should write more mushy stuff. (we agree)
  14. Emotional inspirational writing cums easily!!! (some disagree)
  15. Identify what pushes you to write and take it from there. For example, Koi-Fish only writes when she is pissed off at something. Find your triggers, know yourself!
  16. Advise each other.
  17. Don’t say my article is too short. Short articles can also be powerful!
  18. Sleep on your article, take your time to read and re-read until you are satisfied with your article.
  19. Turn your emotions into an article.
  20. Create a comfy writing SPACE!
  21. Anticipate the responses that your article might trigger by asking for feedback from people in your surroundings.
  22. Don’t be afraid if you think your article might create a debate. It’s actually a good thing!
  23. If you were asked to give feedback, be sensitive. Be constructive and encouraging in your feedback.
  24. Be aware whom you send your feedback to, some people may be inexperienced in your topic or might provide you with harsh criticism without explaining their positions. Such criticism can have a lot of negative effect on your confidence in your writing(s).
  25. Stop sharing your ideas with your friends verbally. It’ll get in the way of your process. Put them down on a piece of paper (or in a word document).
  26. Mind bitchy comments from friends.


Koifish and Suqune EL Leil



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