My Wish List This Year.

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Dear Santa,

First of all, Merry Christmas.

This is probably the first letter I write for Christmas. I never had a wishing list before, and quite frankly, I don’t know what to wish for, because if you’ve read my last article, I have everything I wish for.

But let’s say I made a wishing list, would you take it in consideration; was I a nice or naughty?

You’re probably not the person I should ask that to, but anyway Santa, I will put a list just in case and let’s see if you will respond. And do not tell me that you didn’t receive it, it will be all over the internet and I know that thousands of people will share it, so I will not take that as an excuse.

  1. I want a Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, red and black please.
  2. I want a visit to the North Pole, to the Santa Factory. I just want to check if it’s a sweat labor; I want to see how and why people work 364 days a year non-stop.
  3. I want to navigate your reindeer ship, I want to see how you do it, how they fly for a whole evening and with top speed while you sit in the back drinking warm milk and eating cookies.
  4. This Christmas I want us both to visit Africa, together, so I can really pinpoint a sample of  hunger and deprivation in the world, because apparently for the past 2010 years you were too busy to see, I want to take you to the continent where there is the highest percentage of STD’s and HIV, where the Pope stood and demanded not to use condoms.
  5. And afterwards let’s visit India, Angola, Thailand, Hiroshima and many other places where the reality there is no different from Africa.
  6. Santa will you go on a cruise trip with me, so we can see what those big rich “democratic” countries are doing to Nature, how they are destroying the natural resources for their nuclear experiences, and who can create the ultimate mass destructive weapon that is capable of destroying the earth 4-7 times, I dare them to use it.
  7. I want to take you to Yemen, KSA, Kuwait and other places, where girls are forced to get married at the age of 8, and to someone who is technically, 5 times her age.
  8. I want to grab you by the hand and take you to Lebanon, where people hate each other, and are not accepting of others or of themselves, where they live in total ignorance, where women are still being raped, murdered and abused even in their own family, and that’s ok because after all he is the husband/Father/brother.
  9. I would want to ask for world peace, but you would probably think my parents had smoked up when they got pregnant with me.
  10. And on our way I want us to Visit Syria, Egypt and Tunisia where we can see these beautiful revolutions and rebels.
  11. At last, Santa, I want to go with you to a place that is very special to my heart, where I was never able to visit, not even if I buy a plane ticket, where I always ended up standing at the boarders.
    Let’s go to the country where, in the 21st century, is still under occupation, people are still being kicked out of their homes, asking for their natural rights to have control over their lands.
    I want to visit my loved ones, the people I love to call brothers and sisters; I want to be able to visit Al Quds, Ramallah, Haifa and all of these other places in this Kingdom of heaven I like to call Palestine. I want to be able to walk all the way from Lebanon, to Palestine, and Cross the Sues channel, to join my other family in Egypt and Tunisia for the revolution.
    I want to go to Algeria, the free land of 1,000,000 martyrs, to Mauritania, Somali, Sudan and Morocco, where I know I will have hard time understanding their accent, but we communicate through our souls and blood.

Santa, I know this is a pretty unusual list this year. You may read it, or you may not. And if you did read it, you might take it into consideration or you might not. I am not a kid writing this list, and for sure not a lousy heartless hateful grown up. I am simply a person, not with a wish, nor a dream not even hope, I am a person with an aim and a vision. I am a rebel with a cause who decided not to remain silent anymore.

Dear Santa, Bring it on.


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