A Bit Cliché. But What The Hell?

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She’s a mess. She’s a mess.

But all she cares about is herself

Her talent has to grow

And her personality overflow

Bye bye judge “I’m perfect”

We don’t need you anymore

And that’s the way we roll.

And if you’re still looking for perfection

Look at us and see our genuine smile.

Perfection is reached when you try

And live your life your way

Forget about the given rules

It’s some messed up humans’ cruelty.

Try to defy the whole world

And only your choice survives

Because in this sea of darkness

Only the brave will make it through

Nobody raised you that way

But it’s about time you knew:

Life is what you make of it

So try and make it worth

The pain it makes you go through.

Guest Contributor

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