What’s The Cure For Transsexuality?

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We still hear a lot these days that transsexuality is a disease, that it’s a mental illness that can be fixed through intense reparative therapy and that inflicting feelings of shame and self-hate upon a person makes them accept their genetic gender.
So, the question remains: What’s the cure for transsexuality?
There is nothing worse than waking up every morning and seeing a reflection in the mirror that doesn’t match the image you have of yourself. Sometimes the reflection is exactly what you see in your head, so that’s when you look down and get disappointed with whatever body you’re assigned. And other times the reflection matches the body, yet neither match your self-image. That’s when you start avoiding the mirror, wearing clothes that don’t compliment your body and you simply let go of yourself. You start avoiding people, frequenting public places a lot less often and you just don’t know how you feel anymore. There is a big conflict inside yourself, you know something is not right but you can’t really pinpoint it. You know there is something wrong, that something is missing, that a part of you is missing but you haven’t got the slightest clue what it is or how to get it and if it’s something you can even dream of attaining. Then you talk, and you talk some more until you let everything you have out. You realize people listen to you, that they do care about you and that you living your life to the fullest is what matters most to them. Your big brother accepts you, your big sister accepts you and somehow you have a smile on your face because though you may have to face yourself every day in front of that mirror, you know you’ve got a support system.
Day turns to night and night turns to day, and you start growing up. You meet people like you; that’s the new life you’re starting to experience, a life where you are with your true brothers and sisters and you’re all like a big happy and dysfunctional family. Yet, like any other family, there are influences: when your brother starts hormones, you feel you want it too. On the other hand your genetic family is trying to slow you down and you’re just lost in between being pulled and ripped apart by two opposite forces. What do you do? I don’t know what YOU would do, but I, I took a step back from everything. I took a break from my dysfunctional family just like I took a break from my genetic family. I refused to be a part of the “peer pressure” movement, I refused to just be a sheep and follow the crowd just to feel like I belong somewhere. And, that was the best thing I ever did with my life, because that’s when I really found myself.
Now, I look in the mirror and I see myself. Yes, of course I would love to have some alterations but everything in its right time is how things should be. The minute I started having more confidence in myself is the minute I started to look more like I see myself: I started to look like the man I am. Now I have a moustache, a couple of hair on my chin and not much standing on my head and surprisingly enough I don’t even think about my voice or worry about any physical feature “betraying” me.
What’s the cure for transsexuality? Well, it’s all in the head (no, not as a mental illness). It’s all about how you see yourself and the image you project to the world, and the cure for transsexuality lies in having those two images match by making the necessary physical changes.
**necessary changes can range from a simple haircut to let you feel like yourself to the full physical transition. It is a purely personal choice.
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