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So after the first round – up, are you ready for the second round? Here are some of the most interesting blogposts from around the Queer-ish blogosphere, selected with love and care.

So Karim from the Rainbow experience, celebrates his blog’s first anniversary, with reflections on blogging, growing, and the mysterious “you”:

I decided to resist the urge to erase every post I’ve written so far, though. I thought that keeping these is the best way to realize how much I’ve changed, how much I grew up, which road I had decided to take, the choices I had to make… All these little things that define me, all these parts and pieces of my life, of my soul, all of that is kept in here.

3a2bel l 100 Kimo.

From the personal to the political, Mideast Youth endorses Pinkwatching Israel’s most recent statement because”non-political” is a myth.

And that is exactly what G-Azzi discusses in his latest blogpost, Identity debate:

It is important to create a different form of activism in the region, one that reflects our identity, but we cannot build a movement merely by attacking the west and systematically rejecting whatever comes from a western organization.

In the meantime, Emraa Methlya, the first Arab Lesbian blogger (correct me if I’m wrong), and still one of the few writing in Arabic, writes about love, liberation, and non-comformity with her latest piece اول مرة حب:

‎ – عشان انا بحبك و عايز اكي

‎ – انا عارفة و مش لاز م نكون لز بيان عشان نحب بعض

‎فهمت جود ان هي كمان

‎قعدوا الاتنين في نفس السرير لحد الفجر يتكلموا و لما تعبوا ناموا كل واحدة في حضن التانية ز ي اتنين اول مرة يحبوا

Speaking of lesbians, Beirut Boy has a question, and he’s calling on all lesbians to answer it. Anyone cares to answer?

We may not always show it, but we are absolutely proud and happy to see so many people expressing so bravely their lives, opinions, and experiences.

Keep writing, keep loving, and if you know of anything interesting, get in touch with us, we’d love to know more blogs/bloggers/blogposts.

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