Always the Mistress, Never the Bride

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 Before I start telling you what my story is, let me first introduce myself: I am “V,” and in case you are wondering, NO, V is NOT for Vendetta.

So, back to me telling you my story;
I am officially jinxed, or bel arabeh el-mchabrah MAN7OUSE, and when I tell you why, you will definitely agree with my decision to never go out with a couple anymore. It’s not that I don’t like to be the third wheel (even though it is kind of weird sitting there watching you make out while I do nothing) but in fact it’s because every time I go with a friend on her date, it ends up badly for ME.
Take a minute now, and imagine what could be the worst case scenario that could happen and which will make my friend’s date an awkward situation for me. THINK, THINK, THINK.
Ok, relax now, you won’t figure it out.
Akh, here goes nothing. I, my dear bekhsoos readers, have a problem attracting the wrong people (and mosquitoes), and by “wrong,” I mean “not single and currently dating my friend.”
BEKHSOOS my situation, this is unacceptable, and the thing is, it didn’t happen once or twice, it happened 6 times in just 3 years!
What’s weird is that I’m the type of girl who wakes up and goes out with bed hair; I wear baggy t-shirts and baggy pants. I have no idea how I have attracted those 5 girls and 1 boy (yes, ana hemche :P ) with such a look.
So during my friends’ dates, I end up being harassed with a foot from under the table, winked at when my friend isn’t looking, raped over MSN, getting midnight SMS and even get kissed in Burger King’s bathroom (and all I did was stand there in a state of shock).
And here comes the dilemma of whether I should tell my friend or not, which will cause some major girl and lesbian drama.
Thus we go back to the fact that I am “man7ouse” and so, I decided to never go out with a dating couple anymore!

P.S: in case you were wondering, I never made a move on any of these girls and boy, neither did I show them any signs that they can make a move on me!

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