Woman to Woman

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Woman to woman

For all the memories I kept in mind

For all the sorrows you left behind

For all the distance you had to take

For all decisions I had to make


Your love, memories, never came true

But deep in me, I kept a few

For days I go smoking cigars

Strolling alone in whiskey bars


Hearing your laughter in every place

In every glimpse, seeing your face

Your words, flying like a bird

Messing my head, screwing my world


I hear you saying we’ll be together

When winter fades and comes the summer

But summer slept, and here’s the rain

Unable of washing away my pain


I’m tired of playing this old game

Where smile’s a myth and love is blame

Tired of waiting for you to know

That beyond all I miss you so


My passion will always fly around

The wall of silence, indifference’s sound

Woman to woman, you have to know

That a woman’s heart never lets go..


contributed by myrrha



Guest Contributor

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