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Tele-fooling, yes, that is a euphemism for “Phone Sex”.

I apologize for being really blunt, considering that this is my first blog post, but why waste time on introductions when we can get straight into business? (Get it, business). Anyhow, the reason I am writing about phone sex is because I used to be on the anti-PhoneSex team. The idea of ‘moaning’ to a machine made me feel foolish, even worse, made me feel like too desperate and horny.

To begin with, an Oxford dictionary definition of phone sex is something like this: “A type of virtual sex that refers to sexually explicit conversations between two or more via telephone, which usually involves one or more participants masturbating. This type of sex can take many forms such as sexual sounds or sexual anecdotes and confessions”.

Even though this definition sounds pretty accurate, to me, phone sex is a mesmerizing experience. It is a perfect way to make a carnal connection between you and your loved one when distance separates you. It stimulates your erotic imagination while you and her engage in steamy thoughts. It allows you to dig into hot details. It’s about your loved one going nuts after you whisper so magically “I’m so… wet”. It’s about you touching yourself while fantasizing as she is describing her fingers softly caressing your skin. It’s about getting naughty, feeling naughty and becoming naughty. The encounter escalates, and before you know it, you become the narrator of an underground world where you and her are the sole characters, a world of your own creation. You even become surprised at the frisky phrases coming out of your mouth. But you’re enjoying it, so you can’t stop; or you simply don’t want to.

The excitement increases, and by now, you’re at a point where the thoughts are just too loud in your head but you’re shut down by the silence around you. You can’t yell out “THIS IS GREAT!” because then someone would hear you, and you’re sneaking this phone call with your beloved while tucked under your warm bed sheets, or hiding in the bathroom, or on the roof staring at the stars while touching yourself (while really, we all know you’re actually hiding in your sister’s bedroom because she’s taking a shower in the bathroom that is furthest from her room).

BUT sadly the experience ends. That water bursts all the walls and flies straight into the stream of your thoughts. The wall is shattered, the words are out and you find yourself lying wherever the hell you are still touching yourself with your eyes closed and the sound of a phone line hung up on you.

If you think this is the end of it, then you’re wrong. It has only started. For after phone sex comes a whole new form of amusement, and those are wet dreams! But I’ll just leave those for another post.

My point here is this: If you, like me, feel stupid masturbating to a machine, then just a give it a shot. We all know that feeling naughty equals feeling good. To begin with, do it for your loved one because she has been begging you for a while now. Then you’ll end up enjoying it and before you know it, you’re stuck with endless phone bills coming your way!

Les Girls

Guest Contributor

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