All Wrapped Up In a Shell

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How abnegating it would be to have the world look at you and decide, no matter how many signals you give, that you are something you are not.” T Cooper

What makes me who I am is a balanced mixture of explosive elements:  my personality with its Vices and Virtues, my likes and dislikes, my temperaments, my thoughts, my dreams, my ambitions, my experiences… and it’s all wrapped up in a shell: the way I look.

So what gives you the right to dismiss everything I project and see me through your eyes the way you want to see, and formulate an image of me the way you want to?

You see my shirt and tie, you see my flat chest and the bulge in my pants. You see my beard and you see my moustache…. but you refuse to acknowledge all these signs I’m giving you but you still take me to be something I am not.

So what if I see you through my eyes the way you see me through yours? If I capture this distortion in my lens and show it to you, would you approve? Would you approve for this distorted image that doesn’t bare your signature to be the one shown to the world?

How about you walk a day in my shoes, wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and lose yourself? Wash up, get dressed, walk out the door: you are on a mission… Get on the train, learn how to deal, learn how to play their game. Get to your destination, and then tell me: Can you do this for the rest of your life? What would you do?

Here’s what happens to me: I wake up, I look in the mirror and recognize myself, then I walk out and get on the train. It happens to be the train you are on… I see you but you don’t see me; you see your own distorted image of me. As we get off our paths cross. I introduce myself. Now do you see me?

Maverick & WeTwhuTs

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