Super Hero

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He puts on his suit: A mix of black and blue; he sets his weapons, programs his ship and gets in it. He drives it fast because he hears an “SOS”. People screaming, kids yelling; some bad guys are trying to take over the city.

He sets his weapons and aims; the enemies see him and freak out. It’s the Space Knight (named by Marguerite).

He shoots at them, planting fear in their hearts and giving them a taste of their own medicine. They run and spread around in fear as they vanish like dust.

The crowd is happy; they all scream “Space Knight!” They are all happy to have him as their protector.

Now our super hero among the crowed calls upon his ship, gets in it and flies away.

He gets back to his place. It’s dark, cold and lonely.  He takes off the mask and the suit then looks into the mirror; he likes the face but he hates the body. He walks away from the mirror and on to the bed, and crashes there to fall asleep.

Little do people know that “Space Knight” is an FTM who lives a not-so-ordinary life. He has his ups and downs; he struggles; he laughs; he hangs out; he works as well in order to prepare for his transition – which to him is his main goal.

He works on changing this world around him, this world that is full of hate and crime and discrimination.

As an FTM, He wants to have the same privileges as the others, he wants to find a descent job, a descent life among this “biologically biased world”.

No wonder he hides in a suit; because he knows if the world knows his truth they will no longer see him as the HERO he is.

See each and every one of us has a hero in him. We all work to improve the world; some of us succeed and some are judged by the blindness of this world. The point is never to give up on this super hero in us no matter what.

This might seem to some the work of a child’s imagination, but like I told a friend once I never let go of this child in me because this child and this super hero is our motivation.

Contributed by Alaadine


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